What should I wear for my treatment?

If you are receiving Tuina or Thai-Yoga Bodywork, you should wear something comfortable(like yoga/workout clothing). For Structural Integration, you should wear as little clothing as possible in accordance with your comfort level, as you will not be covered during the session(For men-shorts, women-shorts and sports bra, bathing suit). For all other massages, you will get completely undressed down to your comfort level, as you will be covered throughout the session with only the treatment area exposed.

Do you take walk-ins?

No.  All sessions are by appointment only.  The office is set up with the entrance leading directly into the treatment room, which means that visitors cannot and should not try to by the studio without an appointment.

Is it safe to get a massage while pregnant?

Yes!  As long as you and your baby are healthy, massage is perfectly safe for women throughout all stages of pregnancy.  Special positions and techniques will be used to ensure your safety and comfort during your massage.

Can I share my package with another person?

Yes.  If you buy any package, you can use your hours however you choose.  You can use the hours in any increments, share them with another person, or give sessions away as gifts.

Do you do couples massage?

I do not work with other therapists.  Generally, when working on more than one person at one location, I do all the massage myself.  However, If you have a special event that requires more that one therapist, I can coordinate with another therapist if given enough notice.


How old does my child have to be to receive massage?

You are never too young for massage. Children of all ages enjoy and benefit from massage. Unless the child is rehabilitating an injury, their session will typically be shorter than yours.

How much space do I need to have in my home for the massage?

For the massage table, you will need an area of approximately 5x9 feet.  For the mat, you will need an area of approximately 8x6 feet.  

Can I still receive my massage at home if I have pets?

Of course...as long as your animals are not aggressive and will not damage the equipment. Most animals are interested in the process and some will even rest in the same room during the treatment.

Are there any homes that you will not visit?

Out of concern for the well-being of other clients, massage cannot be provided in a home where cigarette smoking is done inside the home.  Unless there is an elevator accessible, I cannot provide massages in a home/apartment where I would be required to carry my equipment upstairs.(A couple steps to enter the home is acceptable, but not up to the second/third floor.)

How far do you travel to give massage?

Pensacola and surrounding areas including Gulf Breeze, Perdido Key, Pace, and Milton.

Can you massage me at my workplace?

Yes, as long as it is cleared by the management/owner of the establishment beforehand.